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  • Local Businesses in Southern California

    We work with local businesses in our home base area of Southern California, focusing on Local SEO, map search results, and engaging with customers in their target market on social media channels.

  • National Companies and Brands

    Some of our clients can include large companies and brands who serve a wider national customer base, focusing on competitive keyword rankings and broader social media campaigns.

  • eCommerce Amazon SEO

    We also specialize in working with eCommerce companies that sell through Amazon, focusing on Amazon SEO to rank products in Amazon search results, and drive organic traffic to Amazon listings.

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The SEO Report Card helps you monitor how your site is performing for your primary keyword. There’s quite a lot of information to be found in this report, so we’ll break it down section by section. Your Free SEO Report Card results will cover the following areas:

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4 Tips to Hiring a Trustworthy SEO Company

If you are able to hire a good and trustworthy SEO company, you can count on making thousands of dollars more a month within the next four to five months.  Likewise, a bad SEO service provider can cripple even the little traffic that exists right now.  Hence, it is important that you choose carefully, so below are 4 things to consider.

Tip 1: What's their SEO Strategy?

You will not get significant results without an effective SEO strategy. Randomly targeting keywords or building links will not take your business anywhere. Sure, you may see sporadic results here and there but they will not be consistent and you won't see any traffic increases. This is where a good SEO comes in.

All good SEOs have an effective process, whether they are freelancers or work for an SEO agency. A professional SEO might not want to reveal the websites that they plan to get links for your business, but they will start with an on-site technical SEO audit to identify the areas that require modification (ie Website Optimization.)  Then, they will determine the best keywords to target.

Backlinks have been the backbone of search engine algorithms for a long time and will continue to play a significant part in the foreseeable future, too.  All SEO's build links to your website to improve its rankings. But all backlinks are not created equal. One good backlink is worth thousands of low-quality backlinks these days.  A quality backlink is built manually, and it is a link that you earn by promoting high-quality content.

Tip 2: Can you trust the changes being proposed?

Based on the initial website technical audit and considering the overall objectives, the SEO consultant will recommend making numerous modifications to the coding or structure of your site to make it more search engine friendly.  Some changes may seem relatively minor yet can have huge implications on your search rankings.  Other changes may be major and require significant restructuring of your website.

The SEO should keep you informed and let you know what adjustments the SEO plans to make, and how many web pages are affected by it.  Some SEO will take on this work, or may request your website developer to implement the changes.  Either way it should be approached in a methodical and intentional way, tracking the changes and maintaining a proper site backup plan.

In some cases you may want the SEO to obtain your permission before making any critical changes to the website.  There should be clear, upfront understanding of what the SEO will or will not do.


Tip 3: Do they guarantee results?

This is actually a trick question.  If the SEO consultant answers "YES" to this question, get away from them as fast as you can because either they don't know what they're talking about or they may be a bit shady. In fact, it is quite impossible to guarantee the number-one spot on any search engine such as google or even in Amazon.

Some unethical SEO's may over promise and claim such a guarantee just to win your business, but end up disappointing the customer giving SEO a bad reputation. No ethical SEO firm can guarantee the number-one position every single time, especially in a specific time frame. There are several reasons for this.

All the major search engines protect their search algorithms very closely, and Google actually is continually updating its search algorithms all the time. While it is impossible to know this information precisely, a good SEO consultant is continually testing to find out what works and can increase your search traffic over time, but they cannot guarantee the number-one spot necessarily.


Tip 4:  Effective Communication and Updates

The customer service and reporting styles may vary depending on the SEO consultant you hire. The SEO service you choose should have a reporting style that best fits your requirements and that you are most comfortable with. Will the SEO talk via phone, Skype, email or text?  In person meetings are not necessarily required or expected.

Most professional SEOs provide a monthly report including important information such as a summary of activities, search traffic, search rankings, and conversions.  Sometimes more frequent status updates could be warranted.  If you need more information, make sure you intimate this to the SEO before finalizing the contract with them.

The task of an SEO can be quite complicated and requiring some highly specialized skills, so don't necessarily expect a detailed explanation. But some level of transparency is to be expected, along with periodic progress reports.


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